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Top 10 Tips for Making Lasting Change

July 8, 2010


5 Responses to “Top 10 Tips for Making Lasting Change”

  1. kare Anderson said:

    I am a longtime fan of your actionable tips.
    Another rule that helps me to make a change and stick to it is to
    picture the goal of the change as a vivid reward – visualize it, and to give myself small rewards each time i take the daily step/practice that keeps me on that path of change.

    Not surprisingly many of these rewards are intrinsic – and based on insights raised by Dan Pink and Carol Dweck.

    My 30 minutes of daily exercise are, 3 times a week, doing weights or walking with friends I like – we are exercise buddies, mutually committed to making it happen for each other

  2. MJ Ryan said:

    Hi Kare,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I totally agree that making a vivid goal works well as do rewards for some people. Keep at it!

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  4. Stacey said:

    MJ, While reading your book “Trusting Youself”, there was a suggestion to go to your website for additional info, and I’m so extremely grateful I did just that. I’m laying here in bed,trying to keep a goal to read 15-20min before bed :-),and I’ve read through several of your blogs. I immediately appreciated the simplistic, but so recognizable issues, resolutions, and life’s daily obstacles inside out ours head and out in the world. I really enjoyed this piece on 10 tips for Lasting Change… You are right on the money about our own excuses,and that if we actually stopped to say to ourselves “what we are doing?” and how easy it would be to stop, and make a decision to do something positive or healthy…so at the end of the day,we can reflect on our day and feel physically and emotionally healthy and happy. That is the best feeling, knowing you can and did what was so easy, yet made all the difference. Yet, it is so hard not to jump back into old, bad routines. Therefore I can’t express how your tips such as these 10 give me that push, that “wow-oh yeah” encouraged smile on my face and my heart.
    Thank you, I can’t wait to start tomorrow!!

  5. MJ Ryan said:

    I am so glad to be helpful! Let me know how it goes.