Small Business Owners

Client List

"MJ helped me perform consistently better than I ever have in my career. She's an outstanding practitioner... In this very tough business climate, there are few people I can rely on with 100% confidence. MJ is one."

~ Patrick Burke,
Global Leader, Aon Hewitt



MJ has worked with many high-level executives

  • Avail-TVN
  • Bioneers
  • Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
  • CDX Gas
  • Cornell University Medical School
  • The Cowell Foundation
  • Halliburton
  • Hewitt Associates
  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Sears Holdings Coorporation
  • SRAK
  • StreetWorks
  • Stonebanks SMT
  • The Town of Paradise, CA
Avail TVN

"MJ allowed me to address current business issues and blockers in real time. Her approach is not about theory. It's about moving your career forward so that you can progress, influence and achieve your goals. MJ is practical, focused and extraordinarily insightful. Best of all her counsel enables change that drive results."
Laurie Lawrence, CMO Avail-TVN


"MJ's approach has yielded results in a way that's been rapid, real and practicable and is improving our organizational culture as well as our effectiveness. The quality of the tools she offers, combined with the experience, support and clarity of vision she possesses, has been a huge boon to resolving difficult patterns that have existed in our organization for years."
Nina Simons, Co-Produce, Bioneers Conference Co-Executive Director, Collective Heritage Institute


"When I started the process of trying to figure out my next career move, I was at a loss to figure out what to do. MJ provided me with tools, direction and a structure that helped me get a clear picture of where I wanted to go. And she made it fun along the way."
Jill Cude, Director, Innovation and Marketing, Consulting and Services, Halliburton

Aon Hewitt

"MJ Ryan has helped me identify the relationship between behavioral strategies, my personal style and resulting effectiveness. I appreciate her wisdom and objectivity."
Caryn Rowe, Global Marketing Leader, Hewitt Associates

"MJ has helped me to see possibility in places that I could not see on my own. Working with her has increased my capacity to learn and adapt to the professional and personal challenges around me so that I can take advantage of those possibilities."
Esther Laspisa, Former Chief of Staff, Hewitt Associates

Royal Dutch Shell

"MJ Ryan came highly recommended to me from business colleagues and personal friends. I worked with MJ to develop better practices in my corporate life and finding a new position based on my strengths. Her commitment and focus is unyielding. She has an unbelievable capacity to care and yet call out the best in the work you are doing."
Rebecca Aills, Corporate Travel Manager - Europe, Royal Dutch Shell

"A year of one-on-one tuition with MJ has been the most powerful and valuable learning experience of my life. In part this is because of the great insight that MJ and Professional Thinking Partners bring to the area of managing teams and interpersonal relations, which are the foundations of successful management. The unique value of this approach however, is that these insights are applied in real time to address actual business problems and challenges. It is in seeing how successful the application of these ideas can be under the stress of the ongoing business environment that build's one faith and self confidence in this approach and thereby not only rapidly improving one's managerial capabilities but also improving the business."
Patrick Allman-Ward, CEO Royal Dutch Shell

"International oil companies have distinct corporate thinking styles. Mine is radically different from my employer's. Successfully navigating this corporate landscape is a daily 'orienteering' challenge; MJ is my compass. She helps me:

  • articulate and focus on what I want to achieve
  • understand how to use my strengths to accomplish it
  • relate effectively with colleagues, almost all of whom have the corporate pattern
  • manage my approach to tasks I don't like to do by recasting them in ways that work for me
  • Guiding me to position myself within the company where my strengths can be optimally leveraged. After all, as long as I'm on the payroll, my company makes out much better on the deal when they actually use me for what I do best!"

VP, Royal Dutch Shell

Sears Holdings

"MJ elevated my career by providing me with frameworks I found extremely helpful. Her insights enabled me to deliver clear messages to my Global CEO and become a trusted business partner. Her coaching is one of the enablers to my career growth to achieve the CFO role."
Tom Newell, VP and CFO, Fine Jewelry, Sears Holdings

Stonebanks SMT

"MJ has an uncanny ability to propel my professional success while respecting the very real places my personal life spills over, addressing all issues head on. She is extraordinary. She enables me to quickly identify core areas of focus and provides very simple ways to continue growth. I've learned how to ask myself key questions so I'm realistic about the work I take on; and I have learned how to say no to clients who won't be a good fit for me. Anyone who wants to increase their business in a manner that's consistent with what they want from life should consider MJ a required and powerful tool."
Beatrice Stonebanks, CEO, Stonebanks Sales Management